"With an approach that pushes past cerebral boundaries, Pedrick is one of the most original guitar voices to arrive on the scene since Pat Metheny or John Abercrombie." - Critical Jazz   

"Already out on New Year’s Day (way to start the new year!) David Pedrick‘s 'Aurora' reflects the Northern lights with glimmer and glow."
- A Closer Listen

"...guitar virtuosity…”  - Out and About Magazine

"Steadfast to Segovia's legacy, David Pedrick has masterfully transcribed renditions of Bach's Partita No. 3 (BWV 827), Beethoven's Seven Bagatelles (Op. 33) and Brahms' Waltzes (Op. 39).” - Minor 7th   

"Pedrick opened the show with a lick that would have made Jimi blush.”  - Lancaster Intelligencer Journal

"...played frills, no gimmicks, just the music.”  - Muse’s Muse   

" excellent array of diverse musical styles played with such stunning technical prowess, absolutely gorgeous tone, and pinpoint articulation.”  - Classical Guitar Society of Upstate New York  

"...accurate and evocative…” - Philadelphia Classical Guitar Society   

"...masterful abilities.”  - Washington Guitar Society   

"...warm and engaging...the concert had a real feeling of music shared among friends.”  - Bloomington Classical Guitar Society   

"...emanating the light of humanity in every note.”  - Progressive World   

"Erin Sketches is David Pedrick's view during a trip to Ireland, with a terrific melodic approach to Irish music that has quite moving, melancholic, and percussive elements.”  - Bridge Guitar Review


Acclaim for Three -  Pedrick, Bitts, and Walker

"David Pedrick's 'Three' is a completely improvised recording featuring acoustic guitar, bass, and drums. Pedrick earned his Master's in Classical Guitar Performance from West Chester University and is a prominent educator, writer, and performer. His compositions have been featured on NPR and the BBC. Joining this multifaceted guitarist are Mike Bitts on double bass and Aaron Walker on percussion. This is perhaps one of the most accessible recordings of collective improvisations heard to date. The delicate and intuitive interplay between the three is extraordinary. The unrehearsed first take compositions are surprisingly coherent and cohesive. This is a true egalitarian trio with each member given equal opportunity to contribute to the improvised pieces. For example, Walker's fiery percussion is prominently featured on the Bo Diddley inspired "Four," while Bitts' fluid bass is showcased on "Two." Pedrick's acoustic is both precise and pristine and is an amalgamating presence throughout the session. "Three" is an excellent example of how collective improvisation can really work at creating music that is moving, adventurous, and accessible. This album is highly recommended." - Minor 7th

" sounds, different instrumentation and above all arrangements that push the cerebral boundaries of the more commonplace form and functionality of the improvised music we refer to as jazz. David Pedrick has this concept down cold. There are less than a half dozen of his contemporaries that are on a similar footing while pushing the melodic envelope of modern jazz. Far from your typical trio ensemble which normally consists of a front man and two after thoughts there is an amazing group dynamic with ambient textured harmonies and subtle nuances that give up something new with each spin of the disc. Bassist Mike Bitts and drummer Aaron Walker provide seamless communication and incredible finesse in complementing not only the performance of Pedrick but in allowing  a three dimensional soundscape of keen melodic interplay."   - Critical Jazz  

 “Inspiring...perfect for inquiring thinking.”  - All About Jazz                                 

 “One thing that shines brightly on 'Three' is the sense of sitting in some intimate club where you’re just feet from the stage, watching as these guys play and challenge one another and pull fresh directions out of the moment. The sound is clean and vibrant and the work doesn’t get bogged in the cacophony that can plague improv. Sit back and enjoy three musicians at play on Three.”  - Hypnagogue 

  “This CD captures lightning in a bottle... The music itself goes down smooth and fills the sonic space with what I would describe as peaceful tranquility with all the excitement of a live jazz performance. The musicianship, though extremely complex and dynamic, provides a lot of earthy variety. Make no bones about it - this band is rock solid. I was entertained the entire time. That’s not easy to pull off as a 3 piece – so it’s quite impressive that these cats can hold your attention quite well for over 45+ minutes.”  - Indie Music Digest 


Acclaim for Time Remembered - David Pedrick Quartet (Ryan Kauffman, soprano sax, Steve Meashey, bass, and Dave Young, drums) 

“David Pedrick is setting a new standard for modern jazz guitar. 'Time Remembered' would be one of those rare virtually flawless recordings that should be held up as the ‘how to’ guide for those that feel so bold as to attempt such an auspicious release. This is not a ‘tribute’ release. David Pedrick utilizes his prolific talent and vision to take on the work of a legend while making it his own. An artist.”  -  Critical Jazz

"While the boundaries set for this recording could have been too restrictive for lesser artists, just the opposite is true for Pedrick. Here the visionary guitarist's unmatched virtuosity, innate melodicism, and remarkable compositional skills essentially redefines the parameters of Evans' music.  'Time Remembered' is a bold and audacious release, pristinely recorded, and sets the stage for how jazz musicians should reexamine the works of our most treasured legends. This album is highly recommended and absolutely compulsory for all listeners of contemporary improvised music."- Minor 7th

“★★★★ If you’re going to reassemble music, this is a lovely way to do it.” - All About Jazz

"There is a real sense that 'Time Remembered' works as a cohesive, certainly unified whole, almost classical is its unity in its development of Evans' ideas in new directions...It's the music that's important. And the music is excellent.  - Blogcritics

“'Time Remembered' is an impressive musical production from start to finish. Pedrick’s guitar virtuosity just makes the whole thing work as he provides the perfect balance between strong melodic delivery and sizzling jazz guitar chops.”   - Muse’s Muse 

"'Time Remembered' is an album that would have made Bill Evans proud." - Seattle Post-Intelligencer