For guitar teachers beginning, continuing, or refining remote lessons. 

Online guitar teaching consultations last approximately one-hour and are customized to answer your questions and evaluate your gear. For those just beginning to launch an online studio, there can be a seemingly overwhelming number of questions and concerns. Veteran in-person teachers may want to explore several platforms to see which one best matches both their technical setup and comfort level in front of a webcam. Experienced online guitar teachers may wish to try a different application, explore different webcam and mic setups, or try new teaching strategies. Each consultation can provide:  

    •    Complete technical evaluation on as many online platforms as desired
    •    Analysis of connectivity, connection stability, lighting, audio, and video 
    •    Demonstrations of my teaching setup, including specifics about lighting, cameras, microphones, audio interfaces, etc          
    •    Recommendations for improving or refining online teaching techniques and strategies
    •    Advice and suggestions for managing your studio, including online scheduling and billing 

Consultations are billed in advance at $75 for the hour and include one email follow-up to answer any additional questions. Please use the form below to help customize your session.