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Audio files with multiple takes/revisions can be recorded and submitted for your approval by an agreed upon deadline via FTP, often with a 48-hour or less turnaround time from initial contact to delivery. Live tracking from my Digital Audio Workstation directly to yours is also an option to get the takes you want the way you want them in real-time. More information about the process can be found here.


From incidental cues to full scores, there is a wide variety of music possible in just about every style and genre for both corporate and independent media projects. License an existing piece or submit a work-order for customized music for film, television, production, commercials, radio, gaming, training videos, podcasts, hold music, and more. Synced video and audio-only work samples can be streamed here.

Media Music Tracks

Media Music Tracks


Remote learning best serves curious and motivated students who wish to play an active role in their own musical development. Guitar lessons are individually tailored to the goals of beginner, intermediate, and advanced students in addition to professionals looking to refine/explore specific techniques or other work practices, including theory, ear-training, improvisation, and playing in different genres. More information about lessons can be found here.