David Pedrick

Time Remembered

by David Pedrick

Released 2014
Released 2014
Guitar, soprano saxophone, bass and drums deconstructing the Evans classic live in the studio.
David Pedrick, guitar
Ryan Kauffman, soprano saxophone
Steve Meashey, bass
Dave Young, drums

This album is, in essence, a deconstruction of the song Time Remembered by pianist and composer Bill Evans. Although the project was conceived more as an effort to further explore the possibilities in a particular work than as a homage to the piece and its composer, it is hoped that one result of the exercise is an enhanced appreciation of both. None of the material on this album was collectively rehearsed and it was recorded live in one studio session.
The track titles are anagrams of the composer’s name (a device that Mr. Evans himself employed on several occasions throughout his career). This was done to have a bit of fun with the task, but also as a means to offer the selections on this recording as one complete work. To that end, the track order itself is indeed arbitrary and designed to be organized at the discretion of the listener who wishes to explore the piece in its entirety.