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Time Remembered

David Pedrick, guitar | Ryan Kauffman, soprano saxophone | Steve Meashey, bass | Dave Young, drums

“David Pedrick is setting a new standard for modern jazz guitar. Time Remembered would be one of those rare virtually flawless recordings that should be held up as the ‘how to’ guide for those that feel so bold as to attempt such an auspicious release. This is not a ‘tribute’ release. David Pedrick utilizes his prolific talent and vision to take on the work of a legend while making it his own. An artist.”  -  Critical Jazz

"While the boundaries set for this recording could have been too restrictive for lesser artists, just the opposite is true for Pedrick. Here the visionary guitarist's unmatched virtuosity, innate melodicism, and remarkable compositional skills essentially redefines the parameters of Evans' music.  "Time Remembered" is a bold and audacious release, pristinely recorded, and sets the stage for how jazz musicians should reexamine the works of our most treasured legends. This album is highly recommended and absolutely compulsory for all listeners of contemporary improvised music."- Minor 7th

★★★★ If you’re going to reassemble music, this is a lovely way to do it.” - All About Jazz

"There is a real sense that Time Remembered works as a cohesive, certainly unified whole, almost classical is its unity in its development of Evans' ideas in new directions...It's the music that's important. And the music is excellent.  - Blogcritics

Time Remembered is an impressive musical production from start to finish. Pedrick’s guitar virtuosity just makes the whole thing work as he provides the perfect balance between strong melodic delivery and sizzling jazz guitar chops.”   - Muse’s Muse

"Time Remembered is an album that would have made Bill Evans proud." - Seattle Post-Intelligencer




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