David Pedrick

Critical Jazz

"With an approach that pushes past cerebral boundaries, Pedrick is one of the most original guitar voices to arrive on the scene since Pat Metheny or John Abercrombie."

Out and About Magazine

"...guitar virtuosity..."

Minor 7th

"Steadfast to Segovia's legacy, David Pedrick has masterfully transcribed renditions of Bach's Partita No. 3 (BWV 827), Beethoven's Seven Bagatelles (Op. 33) and Brahms' Waltzes (Op. 39)."

Lancaster Intelligencer Journal

"Pedrick opened the show with a lick that would have made Jimi blush."

The Muse's Muse

"...played flawlessly...no frills, no gimmicks, just the music."

Classical Guitar Society of Upstate New York

"...an excellent array of diverse musical styles played with such stunning technical prowess, absolutely gorgeous tone, and pinpoint articulation.

Philadelphia Classical Guitar Society

"...accurate and evocative..."

Washington Guitar Society

"...masterful abilities."

Bloomington Classical Guitar Society

"...warm and engaging...the concert had a real feeling of music shared among friends."

Progressive World

"...emanating the light of humanity in every note."

Rambles Cultural Arts Magazine

"...the works demonstrate the virtuosity of both composer and performer."

Bridge Guitar Review

"Erin Sketches is David Pedrick's view during a trip to Ireland, with a terrific melodic approach to Irish music that has quite moving, melancholic, and percussive elements."